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– Queenstown, New Zealand –

Organisations around the world are being forced to change the way they do business. Shrinking budgets, new technology, flexible workforces, customers who exhibit totally new buying behaviors and expectations, and employees who may be unclear of what’s happening next are forcing organisations large and small to innovate and find new ways to save and make money while rallying their troops for what lies ahead.

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Innovate Sensation – How do you innovate in an industry that is hard pressed for innovation.

Meet Scott Wintrip

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Millennium Hotel, Queenstown, New Zealand
27-29 August 2014
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About the RCSA International Conference

The new business reality demands that organisations find new ways to address old problems. It demands that organisations create both leaders and cultures that tend to the needs of their people and their customers. When organisations and leaders adopt the mind-set that they are bigger than their own problems, they can see each challenge, and each adversity, as an opportunity to grow and to help others do the same. What is your corporate vision? Where are you navigating? What is your destination and how do you chart the course?

Key areas for discussion at the 2014 RCSA Conference will be around illustrating how constant adaptation is a key for thriving in the new business reality. Finding resources for ongoing innovation is even more critical. The challenge for organisations —especially those that have enjoyed success over time—is staying open to change, being innovative, and forward thinking.

Delegate Profile

More than 6,000 RCSA members, guests and industry professionals attend RCSA events and professional development provided by the Association every year.

The RCSA International Conference attracts a wide variety of industry professionals from numerous areas of specialisation and locations. The majority of delegates are industry professionals from a range of senior management roles including business owners, executives and CEOs.

The RCSA Conference attracts decision makers. In 2013 52% of attendees were owners, CEOs, Managing Directors or Directors.

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