Margie Warrell

Keynote Presentation
A Culture of Courage

In today’s increasingly accelerated marketplace, an organizations ability to adapt faster and pre-empt change provides a potent competitive advantage. Leaders who can foster a culture which overcomes the innate human instinct to resist change and avoid risk, will be those best positioned to seize the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls inherent in all change. In this program Margie will share how leaders can cultivate a ‘culture of courage’ where employees not only feel safe to take risks, but are emboldened to challenge the status quo thinking that can breed complacency and stifle innovation.

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speaker_warrellDrawing from her background in business, psychology, and executive coaching, Margie Warrell is passionate about helping people challenge what’s possible, engage in bigger conversations and lead more courageously.

Bestselling author of Find Your Courage (McGraw-Hill) and Stop Playing Safe (Wiley), Margie has shared her expertise with leading global media including The Today Show, FOX News, CNN, Al Jazeera, CNBC and is a regular expert contributor on Australia’s Sunrise morning show. A columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post, her advice has also featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health, and BRW magazine.

Margie has provided leadership, communication and “courage building” programs with a diverse range of organizations such as NASA, AOL, British Telecom, American Airlines, Best Buy, and Ernst & Young. Founder of Global Courage, a women’s leadership organization, Margie is passionate about empowering women to become more powerful catalysts for change in their workplace, community and society. An ICF certified coach, Margie has enjoyed the honor of being the keynote speaker at many leading international women’s events around the globe for organizations such a the United Nations Foundation, Accenture and Oracle.

A mother of four children, Margie does her best to walk her talk when it comes to living boldly. Since her childhood growing up on a diary farm in rural Australia, Margie has stepped outside her comfort zone many times. She has worked and travelled around the world extensively, often venturing far off the beaten track in countries from Algeria to Bolivia, Papua New Guinea to Nepal. In 2012 Margie and her family relocated back to Australia after a decade in the USA to spend more time on “Grandpa’s farm”.