Greg Savage FRCSA (Life)

Keynote Presentation

The DNA of the future-recruiter
There has been endless talk about the future of recruitment, and how recruitment companies need to change to cope with the new reality.

But what about the desk recruiter? The foot soldier? The person who is actually at the coalface of client and candidate interaction? What must they do to remain relevant? What skills must they develop?

Indeed, what skills should owners and managers look for when they hire new staff? The dangers of hiring dinosaur recruiters, yesterday’s heroes, could be commercially fatal.

The future of recruitment is where art meets science. Where technology combines with highly sophisticated human influencing skills. So the modern recruiter is a complex beast, and very different to the recruiter who was successful in the past decade.

In this action packed session, Greg will break down the skills needed for today’s recruiters to thrive. He will highlight the core competencies you must uncover, the attitudes you must foster, and the cultural environment in which it all comes together.

And it may not be what you expect!

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GregGreg is a leader of the global recruitment industry, with a a career spanning thirty-five years, and is a regular keynote speaker at staffing conferences around the world.

In 2010, Greg acquired the Permanent and Search business of Aquent in Europe, Asia and Australasia, via a management buy-out, and founded Firebrand Talent Search. He quickly created a global brand for this specialist digital and marketing recruiter, and successfully sold the business, in 7 countries, in January 2013.

Greg now provides board advisory, consulting and keynote speaking services to organisations across the world. An early adopter of social media for recruiting, Greg’s industry blog – The Savage Truth – is a must-read for recruitment consultants, while his Twitter feed similarly attracts thousands of followers from around the world.